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2010年4月16日 (金)


Nuclear Security Summit logoこのブログでも普天間の米軍基地移転問題や日米間の首脳の信頼関係については、何せ私のまったくの専門外ですので、報道などを引用する形で取り上げて来ましたが、昨日の読売新聞の一連の報道は興味深かったと私は受け止めています。発端は核安全保障サミットに関する In the Loop と題する Washington Post 紙の辛辣極りないコラムです。Al Kamen 記者が書いています。以下に鳩山総理について言及しているパラグラフのみを引用します。

Among leaders at summit, Hu's first
By far the biggest loser of the extravaganza was the hapless and (in the opinion of some Obama administration officials) increasingly loopy Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. He reportedly requested but got no bilat. The only consolation prize was that he got an "unofficial" meeting during Monday night's working dinner. Maybe somewhere between the main course and dessert?
A rich man's son, Hatoyama has impressed Obama administration officials with his unreliability on a major issue dividing Japan and the United States: the future of a Marine Corps air station in Okinawa. Hatoyama promised Obama twice that he'd solve the issue. According to a long-standing agreement with Japan, the Futenma air base is supposed to be moved to an isolated part of Okinawa. (It now sits in the middle of a city of more than 80,000.)
But Hatoyama's party, the Democratic Party of Japan, said it wanted to reexamine the agreement and to propose a different plan. It is supposed to do that by May. So far, nothing has come in over the transom. Uh, Yukio, you're supposed to be an ally, remember? Saved you countless billions with that expensive U.S. nuclear umbrella? Still buy Toyotas and such?
Meanwhile, who did give Hatoyama some love at the nuclear summit? Hu did. Yes, China's president met privately with the Japanese prime minister on Monday.

次に、一連の読売新聞の報道です。すべて、基地移設に関する特集サイトからの引用です。この関係の一連の報道については、読売新聞がどの新聞よりも詳細に報じていることは私が保証します。一応、chronological に並べてあります。

なお、国際通貨基金 (IMF) が「世界経済見通し」の分析編第3章と第4章を公表しているんですが、日を改めて取り上げたいと思います。


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