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2023年10月30日 (月)


米国における人工知能(AI)の活用について、"AI Adoption in America: Who, What, and Where" と題する全米経済研究所(NBER)のワーキングペーパーが明らかにされています。引用情報は以下の通りです。


We study the early adoption and diffusion of five AI-related technologies (automated-guided vehicles, machine learning, machine vision, natural language processing, and voice recognition) as documented in the 2018 Annual Business Survey of 850,000 firms across the United States. We find that fewer than 6% of firms used any of the AI-related technologies we measure, though most very large firms reported at least some AI use. Weighted by employment, average adoption was just over 18%. AI use in production, while varying considerably by industry, nevertheless was found in every sector of the economy and clustered with emerging technologies such as cloud computing and robotics. Among dynamic young firms, AI use was highest alongside more-educated, more-experienced, and younger owners, including owners motivated by bringing new ideas to market or helping the community. AI adoption was also more common alongside indicators of high-growth entrepreneurship, including venture capital funding, recent product and process innovation, and growth-oriented business strategies. Early adoption was far from evenly distributed: a handful of "superstar" cities and emerging hubs led startups' adoption of AI. These patterns of early AI use foreshadow economic and social impacts far beyond this limited initial diffusion, with the possibility of a growing "AI divide" if early patterns persist.

続いて、ワーキングペーパーから Figure 2a: By Firm Size と Figure 2b: By Sector を引用すると以下の通りです。




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« Happy Halloween! | トップページ | 一進一退続く鉱工業生産指数(IIP)と前月比でマイナスに転じた商業販売統計と前月から大きな変化ない雇用統計 »